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KVFITC was built on an area of 13.6 ha, designed and arranged in a modern and harmonious structure by KVFITC’s leaders and leading specialists from Vietnam and Korea.


The modern and harmonious structure


The campus is divided into 3 main areas. The lecturer-room block, administration block, meeting hall, information and documentation center and student center locate in the middle.  The right area, which adjoins the city’s southern belt, is reserved for out-door sports facilities. Student’s dormitory is on the left.



The campus

  • The College: was laid on 5 buildings with over 100 rooms, 5 staircase lecturer-rooms with capacity of 120 persons each, 45 computing laboratories with 1,600 computers including:

-         01 cloud computing lab;

-         03 international standard network computing labs qualified for CISCO certification training;

-         01 information system computing room;

-         07 electronics-telecommunications computing rooms with modern equipment in mobile communications, optical communications, minor processing – minor control, signal processing . . . ;

-         04 computer graphics computing rooms;

-         04 architectural design computing rooms;

-         01 computer animation computing room;

-         02 foreign languages labs;

And other computing rooms, printing rooms....

All of rooms are equipped with fixed boards, traveling boards, computers and projectors that support teaching activities. All computers are connected to the high speed local area network and the internet.

  • The library: consists of 2 two-story buildings with 2 reading rooms of 1,000 persons each; 02 book stores of 50,000 items. Besides, computers and wi-fi system are available to the internet connection.
  • In-door and out-door sports area at the Student Center is a good place for student’s exchange, relaxation and physical training.
  • The student dormitory: consists of 3 five-story buildings with inside ancillary and amenity buildings for over 2,400 students living here. There are also demanded rooms equipped with modern comforts (air-conditioners, TVs, water heaters,...).


The student dormitory


  • Student serving center: consists of the eating room of 1,000 seats, meeting hall, general-purpose sports ground, gym rooms and clubs serving student’s exchange activities.
  • Information facilities: consists of optical network system from the data center to all of rooms, with the Internet leased line of 150 Mbps ; 2 modern blade servers with 23 node servers and the attached storage network to supply lecturers and students with virtual private servers and archives, and a PAPX switchboard of 500 dialing numbers attending to communications.



KVFITC’s Data Center

At present, with the investment by the Vietnamese government and the support from the Korean government, KVFITC step by step perfects its infrastructure, aiming a regionally modern training environment and ready for a university-level upgrading.

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