Training Affairs Division

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Training Affairs Division helps the President to carry out the following duties :

1/ Build and manage short-term, medium-term and long-term training plan, program of college (including majors, training systems of college)

2/ Organize carrying out yearly matriculation of college (to propose quota of student enrolment for each major, each system; co-ordinate with concerned units of college in enrollment…). Make necessary procedures for receiving successful candidates annually; allocate students for majors; arrange regular classes; co-ordinate with Department of Student Welfare to organize the beginning classes of course on regulations and Rules of college.

3/ Preside and co-ordinate with divisions, subject groups to build an estimated schedule and arrange lecturers on teaching subjects. Set up timetable for each class, simultaneously control it and teaching schedule.

4/ Build, manage detailed training schedule, content, program, teaching timetable of majors, training systems of college.

5/ Supervise execution of regulations, rules on teaching, learning. Co-ordinate with related units to estimate teaching quality of lecturers.

6/ Manage teaching quantity of Divisions, subject groups, and regulations on teaching work; teaching contract and  notify Department of Financing – Planning  on teaching quantity for salary and overtime calculation.

7/ Closely manage students’ learning in accordance with Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and Regulations of college; manage examination question, organize invigilation, control exam paper, mark, mark writing and verification of exam papers.

8/ Contact with colleges, Institutes, and other training units on inviting lecturers (Invited lecturer); executing to co-operate, upgrade in training at home.

9/ Organize attending a teaching class, top student contests.

10/ Co-ordinate with Job Center on contacting with Enterprises, Organizations in order to open short-term classes, training courses as per to requirements of them.

11/ Co-ordinate with Department of External Cooperation and Scientific Research in building relationship with colleges, training organizations from Foreign countries (especially Korea) in order to exchange lecturers; link , upgrade.

12/ Be permanent member of Matriculation Council, Graduation council, Consideration Council on moving or repeating a class of students.

13/ Manage Students’ Record at Divisions, training systems of college.

14/  Monitor, manage studing results of learner ( classes, majors, systems).

15/ Coordinate with Department of Student Welfare in executing regulations, policies, rules on interests, duties of learners (such as: considering for scholarship allocation; exemptation and reduction of tuition, formalities for college transfering, receiving, temporarily pause learning, punishment; dispatch students for foreign training …)

16/ Directly coordinate with Divisions and other units of college in considering and proposing The President to recognize graduation for students; allocate Degree, Certification, learning Certification, Score-Board for learner.

17/ Coordinate with Divisions, Supporting Centers in scientific research, Major contests in students.


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