Planning-Finance Division

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KHTC_Nguyen Van TanPlanning-Finance Division has duties to help the President in building, managing and executing financial schedule on activities of college suitable for regulations of the Law and regulations of college about financing, accounting. Department of Financing and accounting gets concrete duties as follows :

1/ Build short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial planning.

2/ Organize and manage revenue, expenditure; report, statistic on finance and manage financial record, document, accounting in accordance with the Law and regulations of college; propose and carry out financial activities in order to obtain high results.

3/ Manage and organize carrying out works of cashier and storekeeper of college.

4/ Coordinate with college units on using revenues, expenditures and assets  effectively and thrifttily.

5/ Hold and manage activities of Post office, Bank of college.

6/ Make the investment plan for architectural works,  equipment purchase suitable  for training scale and major of college.

7/ Carry out statistics in accordance with the law.

8/ Make the plan on big repair and regular repair of college.

9/ Carry out formalities in investment preparation; execute investing on material facilities construction of college.

10/ Manage, monitor economic activities of college.


Financing – Planning Department HR

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