Organization – Personnel Division

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minh nhut

Organization – Personnel Division helps the President in works such as organization, workforce,  and salary; as well as manage and execute  general works, inspection, emulation, rewards of college. Department of general co-ordination has duties as follows :

1/ Organization, workforce and salary :

a/ Research and propose Board of Leaders on organizational model, workforce quota, salary planning of college and units directly under the college.

b/ Build and carry out Regulations on Organization and Activities of college.

c/ Research and make a plan on recruitment, training, improvement and development workforces of college.

d/ Carry out regulations, salary policies, insurances, social policies and social welfares for workforces.

đ/ Execute recruitment, appointment, arrangement, removal and punishment to employees and others of college.

e/ Execute Personnel file management.

g/ Organize statistic, report on organization, workforce, salary per to regulations of Board of leaders, and of higher authorities.
h/ Help the President to execute internal politics protection of college.

i/ To be permanent member of Salary Council, Commendation & Reward Council, Punishment Council of college.

2/ General co-ordination works :

a/ Build periodical program, planning yearly and five years; speed up, monitor college units on carrying out these works

b/ Carry out general co-ordination work, report of college.

c/ Execute commention and reward works.

d/ Manage Traditional room; keep presents, souvenirs, keepsakes, rewarded things.

3/ Inspection works :

a/ Execute inspection, check, according to requests of the President; report these results to the president;  help the president to evaluate the situation of college in order to give the managing decision.

b/ Carry out solving complaints, denouncement under the authorities of the President.


Department of General Co-ordination HR

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