Examination and Quality Assurance Centre

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Le Viet Truong KH15Testing and Quality assurance Center

Head: Le Viet Truong

Office: E1.104 Room
Phone: (84)905129921, 0511.3981368

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Job Consultancy and Enterprise Relation Centre

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Organizational structure

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Organizational Map of VIETHANIT:

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Ban giám hiệu Công đoàn Đoàn thanh niên Đảng ủy Trang chủ - Logo Phòng đào tạo Phòng tổng hợp Phòng Kế toán Phòng CTSV Phòng HTQT - NCKH Phòng Hành chính quản trị Khoa Đại cương Khoa Khoa học Máy tính Khoa CNTT Ứng dụng Khoa Thương mại điện tử Trung tâm CNTT Trung tâm ptnddt Trung tâm thông tin tư liệu Trạm ý tế Bam giám hiệu nhà trường Image Map


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User_InfoContacts of offices:

Board of Rectors

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PhD. Hoang Bao Hung - The Party's Secretary.

International Cooperation and Science-Technology Division

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International Cooperation and Science-Technology Division helps the Rector to manage and carry out activities on international cooperation and scientific Rresearch  of college. The Division has duties as follows:

Training Affairs Division

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Training Affairs Division helps the President to carry out the following duties :

1/ Build and manage short-term, medium-term and long-term training plan, program of college (including majors, training systems of college)

2/ Organize carrying out yearly matriculation of college (to propose quota of student enrolment for each major, each system; co-ordinate with concerned units of college in enrollment…). Make necessary procedures for receiving successful candidates annually; allocate students for majors; arrange regular classes; co-ordinate with Department of Student Welfare to organize the beginning classes of course on regulations and Rules of college.

Planning-Finance Division

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KHTC_Nguyen Van TanPlanning-Finance Division has duties to help the President in building, managing and executing financial schedule on activities of college suitable for regulations of the Law and regulations of college about financing, accounting. Department of Financing and accounting gets concrete duties as follows :

Organization – Personnel Division

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minh nhut

Organization – Personnel Division helps the President in works such as organization, workforce,  and salary; as well as manage and execute  general works, inspection, emulation, rewards of college. Department of general co-ordination has duties as follows :

Administration Division

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HCQT_Nguyen Hai

Administration Division helps the President to manage Archives, Storage, order, security, enviroment, public assets, and serve other works per to the decision of the President. Department of Administration has the following concrete duties:

1/ Carry out Archives, storage, security for document to be the responsibility on management, settlement of Department in accordance with regulations of the State and The President.

Political and Student Affairs Division

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Tran T Kim Oanh

Political and Student Affairs Division helps the President to manage and carry out duties on student welfare of college. This department has duties as follows :

1/ Build and directly co-ordinate with related units of college implementing  program, planning on political thought education, civics and lines and policies dissemination of Party and the Laws of the State for students.

Information Technology Center

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Nguyen Van Phi

Information Technology Center helps the president to build and support IT program. This center has duties as follows:

1/ Build and implement information support planning for management and training of college, including : support for IT resources (hardware and software); application on network system, network, EMS, SMS; network integration planning, system hardware; develop and maintain applied program.

International Training Centre

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Tran Thanh Tuan International Training Centre manages and implements the study; builds up and develops training content in the development process of the College; handles students career affairs; research the requirement of IT human resource to make a proposal on training orientation with the following main tasks:


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Library helps the President to manage, use, develop kinds of letters, documents, material resources in order to contribute to management, research, training, study, and entertainment of college. The center has the following duties:

Medical Station

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Medical Station helps the President to carry out healthcare work for staff, officials, other workers and students of college; sanitation work, diseases prevent of college. The Healthcare Center has the following duties :