Congratulations to new PhDs of Korea Vietnam Friendship Information College

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On Jan 12, 2015, Korea Vietnam Friendship Information Technology College (KVFITC) solemnly celebrated a meeting to congratulate new PhDs who had successfully defended their dissertations abroad and come back to teach at KVFITC.

At the meeting,  PhD. Hoang Bao Hung – KVFITC’s principal – insisted that over 7 years of building and growing, KVFITC made all of its effort to become a qualified and prestigious college. Therefore leaders of KVFITC attached special importance to high quality human resource training, especially in lecturer upgrading. KVFITC had not only facilitated doctoral students to do their research but also paid great concern to their families. From the above, all leaders and lecturers had the honour today to welcome and congratulate PhD. Tran The Son and PhD. Le Tan.


Congratulation flowers of  PhD. Hoang Bao Hung 


PhD. Tran The Son were delegated to Northumbria University - Newcastle Upon Tyne  (UK) to attend the doctoral program in Communications Network from 29/4/2011 to 31/12/2014 under Project 165 by Central Organization Commission. During his research and study period, he released 3 scientific articles. He finished the doctoral program and was granted doctoral degree in Communications Network.



PhD. Le Tan – were delegated to Toulouse University (France) to attend the doctoral program in Informatics from Dec 2010 to Dec 2014 under Project 322 by Ministry of Education and Training. During his research and study period, he released 4 scientific articles, among them were one inserted in the summary record of Bitcomp Scientific Conference in the US. He finished the doctoral program and was granted doctoral degree in Informatics.


KVFITC’s leaders wished that two new PhDs would apply their research results to the teaching practice of KVFITC and thereby promote the scientific research and improve the training quality.

On behalf of new PhDs, PhD. Tran The Son expressed his deep gratitude to the attention and support of KVFITC’s leaders during their study abroad and promised to bring all of their research results to teaching and scientific activities. He also hoped that KVFITC’s leaders should keep facilitating doctoral students to help them finish their program.