Lecturers Of Faculty Of Computer Science Visited Enclave Engineering Center, Danang

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In order to have a more practical experience in teaching and scientific research activities, at 8 am Dec 23, 2014, a delegation of Faculty of Computer Science’s lecturers led Mr. Le Viet Truong, M.A, Deputy Head of Faculty of Computer Science, paid a study tour to Enclave Engineering Center, Danang (453-455 Hoang Dieu str, Danang city).



Enclave is one of the top software engineering companies, founding its center in Danang in 2007 with 200 employees. This is one of the human resource suppliers in information technology, recruiting employees in programming, testing, project management …




Currently, Danang University of Science and Technology, Danang University of Education, Hue University of Sciences, Duy Tan University, HCMC University of Technology, Danang College of Information Technology and Korea Vietnam Friendship Information College (KVFITC) have students working in Enclave.

KVFITC’s students, although highly appreciated on professional skills, hard working and discipline in Enclave,  hardly worked for Enclave.

The delegation then visited around Enclave. In general, the working environment is quite modern, professional and dynamic. All of people here contact in English.

After the visit, Faculty of Computer Science puts forwards following proposals:

-  Annually holding study tours for lecturers and then last year students to businesses. This is a chance for students to learn what a business needs from them.

-  Adding optional credits/special subjects to the training program

-  Developing training soft skills to students.

Faculty of Computer Science