The duties of Faculties

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Faculties help the President to manage scientific research, teaching of lecturers and studying of students. The duties of Faculties include :

1/ Build and organize training program of majors of each Faculty yearly and long-term.

2/ Co-ordinate with related units in researching training contents development undertaken by Faculty; attend on scientific & training education activities of college.

3/ Manage, organize teaching of lecturers; propose lecturer invitation and experts of colleges, companies, units in home to teach subjects undertaken by Faculty

4/ Perfect program, content, method on teaching for each subject, each lesson .

5/ Research to propose and carry out projects, cooperation program, upgraded training with domestic and foreign colleges; organize exchanging lecturers with foreign colleges, research institutes.

6/ Manage, organize, evaluate learning, praticing of student of Faculties according to regulations of the State and the college.

7/ Co-ordinate with Training Department, Job Center in dispatching students practise in business enterprises, companies.

8/ Assign teaching of lecturers per schedule.

9/ Monitor, evalute teaching quality of lecturers of Faculty.

10/ Organize scientific research, professional workshop, activities on teaching method improvement of college./.



Lecturers of the Computer Science Faculty


Lecturers of the E-Business Faculty


Lecturers of the Computer Aided Engineering Faculty


Lecturers of the Fundamentals Faculty

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