E-Technology and Telecommunication Faculty

Nganh kien truc

I. Computer graphics

1.  Training purposes:


After graduation, students are of good physical strength, ethics and political quality. They are well equipped with professional knowledge in computer graphics and graphic design, good proficiency in 2D, 3D graphic softwares.



Lecturers of E-Technology and Telecommunication Faculty

Skills, attitude and professional ethics:

Students are able to:

+ Develop advertising sign projects.

+ Design 2D and 3D graphic softwares with incombination with graphic designers.

+ Design and realize ideas for basic graphic design programs.

+ Work at professional graphic design departments in large companies.

2. Training period: 3 years with 6 semesters.

3. Knowledge volume: 112 credits (excluding Physical Education and Millitary Education)

4. Enrollment candidates: High school graduates or equivalents according to the admission regulations by the Ministry of Education and Training.

II. Architectural design

1. Training purposes:

* Students are equipped with:

- Basic and deep knowledge in Architectural Engineering and Construction Law.

- Practical skills in designing, presenting and developing architectural engineering projects in computer.

- Good proficiency in architectural design aided softwares

* After graduation, students are able to be:

- CIO (Chief Information Office) specialzing in building strategies, policies and plans to apply information technology to architectural engineering in construction and architecture companies.

- Architectural draftsman who develop 2D & 3D architectural drawings.

- Designers of medium and small building projects.

- Specialists who establish and operate companies specializing in “gia công” architectural drawings for global companies.


2. Training period: 3 years with 6 semesters.

Two semesters focus on general and basic subjects.

Then four semesters are professional subjects and architectural design aided computer sofwares


3. Knowledge volume: 112 credits (excluding Phisical Education and Millitary Education)

Beside professional knowledge, students are equipped with optimum softwares in order to improve their idea design and development capacity in architectural design such as: Autocad, SkecthUp and Vray for SkecthUp, 3dsMax and Vray for 3dsMax, Photoshop, Revit, Archicad and other softwares...

- Full and modern facilities, lesson rooms and strongly configurated computer system support student’s learning and research activities, bring them self-confidence and ability after graduation.



4. Enrollment candidates: High school graduates or equivalents according to the admission regulations by the Ministry of Education and Training.

III. Informatics and telecommunications

Training purposes:

Together with the dramatic development of science and technology, the social demand in electronics and telecommunications resources is increasing. The training purpose is to train professional and skilled labourers who highly adapt to great changes in information technology, electronics and telecommunications, consisting of the followings:

After graduation: Students are able to:

-          Acquire IT knowledge and manipulation skills... (being updated)

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