Information Technology Faculty

1. Computer programming

a. Training purposes


- Training programmers with deep professional skills and good adaptability to technolody innovations.

Training curriculum: includes:


- Analyzing, designing information systems.

- Proficiently using means and programing languages in the internet basis.

- Constructing, designing applications in the internet.

- Programming applicable softwares.

Besides the above vocational skills, students are also cultivated with theoretics, social knowledge and professional ethics.

Coursebooks and teaching materials are compiled in cooperation with Korean professors, specializing in pratice, career orientation.

The credit based system helps students raise the sense of initiative in learning and working after graduation.

b. Job opportunites:

With the knowledge acquired, students are qualified for:

- Software development.

- IT applications development at business.

- IT projects …

2. Information System

a. Training purposes

After graduation, students are able to be:

- Having basic and deep knowledge in Information Systems, meeting research, development and applying demands in IT to the society.13112007_231324625_xcms

- Building information system for economic, administrative and service management.

- Consulting and executing as specialists in IT.

b. Job opportunities

After graduation, students are able to be:

- Systems analyzers

- Programmers

-  Database administrators at companies and institutions

- Officers who can consult, manage, develop and maintaining information system projects at their institutions.

3. Computer network

a. Training purposes

After graduation, students are able to be:

- Experts and specialists in analyzing, designing and building information and communications network: LAN, WAN, Wireless, Ethernet…

- Administrators in Windows Server, Unix/Linux Server.

- Network security specialists in Firewall, IDS, VPN…

- Network application developers in TCP/UDP Sockets, RPC…



With the purpose of practical oriented education supported by Korean donated equipment and devices, postgraduates master both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in using modern devices routers, switches, modems, etc…, meeting business demands in the modernization and industrialization process.

b. Job opportunites

After graduation, students are able to be:

- Analyzers, designers, installers, administors, maintainers of computer network systems in companies, schools and other institutions.

- IT Researchers and appliers in institutions, universities and research centers.


Lecturers of Information Technology Faculty

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