The duties of Faculties


Faculties help the President to manage scientific research, teaching of lecturers and studying of students. The duties of Faculties include :

1/ Build and organize training program of majors of each Faculty yearly and long-term.

2/ Co-ordinate with related units in researching training contents development undertaken by Faculty; attend on scientific & training education activities of college.

Graduate criteria of training program

According to the decision on graduate criteria of training program, VietNam- Korea friendship IT college has the following training programs:  

Training Programs

Based on the Decision of Vietnam-Korea Friendship IT College on promulgating Curricula, including training majors as follows: 

Information Technology Faculty

1. Computer programming

a. Training purposes


- Training programmers with deep professional skills and good adaptability to technolody innovations.

Training curriculum: includes:


E-Commerce and Communications Faculty

I. Advertising and public relations

1. Training purposes:


After graduation, students are equipped with professional knowledge in advertising and public relations and soft skills in customer relationship as well as business basics. They are able to:

E-Technology and Telecommunication Faculty

Nganh kien truc

I. Computer graphics

1.  Training purposes:


After graduation, students are of good physical strength, ethics and political quality. They are well equipped with professional knowledge in computer graphics and graphic design, good proficiency in 2D, 3D graphic softwares.